About Us

Tensoflex is one of the main companies for projects with Stretch Ceilings worldwide, with more than 20 years of experience and applying the knowledge in architectural projects of stores, convention centers and expositions, shopping-centers, gyms, airports, hospitals, residences and many more.

Offering specific solutions for each application, Tensoflex is constantly evolving to offer the most modern options for interior architecture, lighting, design, acoustics and marketing and advertising.

The services and products provided by Tensoflex always strive for excellence and are closely related to the organizational culture defined for the company.


The mix of Brand and Product, Know-How and Experience, Solutions Engineering, Innovative Capacity, Credibility and Commitment of Tensoflex along with Multinational architects, designers and Customers that demand similar projects in other countries, indicate a path without return for the internationalization of the Tensoflex brand. Thus, its Expansion Plan advances for the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean, with Manufacturing Units and/or Authorized Distributors.


Being close to the customer, offering the best solutions in stretch ceilings, through sustainable management that prioritizes the improvement of people’s quality of life.

Create exclusive spaces in interior architecture, marketing and advertising, design, lighting and acoustics business, through products with a high added value.


To be the first choice of customers, operating with high performance and excellence in technology, products and services.
Acting with an emphasis on customized projects, seeking to expand the network of architects, lighting designers, interior designers and resellers in the most important cities of the country.



Stretch Ceilings Solutions

Architecture and Lighting

For lighting projects, our removable system is recommended. It is an innovative solution that allows the client to remove and reinstall the Stretch Ceiling,making it easier to perform electrical maintenance of the lighting components or to clean the Stretch Ceiling and the niches.

Marketing and Advertising

We offer backlight or frontlight panels up to 10ft wide without any welding on the Stretch Ceiling and with a high resolution image, with or without lighting components. The Stretch Ceilings may be removed and reinstalled by the client.


The acoustical absorption is made with sound-absorbing materials that decrease reverberation. Said reverberations can be controlled - or even eliminated - using materials such as mineral wool, fiberglass insulation, acoustic foams and others.